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Who Are We?

Reclaiming The Mission is made up of people just like you. We face mental struggles every day, and we know it is a battle best fought with a supportive team of people who understand what you’re dealing with. 

Our website shares everyone’s stories facing different mental illnesses and other painful moments in their lives and how they managed to overcome it. On top of that, we provide you with articles and other motivational pieces to help you grow and overcome your struggles. You are not alone. Your mission is to thrive. Go after it.

Meet Our Team

Sandra Cotard

Sandra is the editor-in-chief of Reclaiming The Mission. She graduated with a psychology degree and worked as a guidance counselor, a human resources specialist, and a researcher before finding her true calling. At 40, she now serves as a life coach in her local community’s support group system, helping both young and old overcome their fears and doubts and to live life to the fullest. She has two children and loves to bake oatmeal cookies with them (because chocolate chip is way overrated).

Liam West

At 15, Liam was diagnosed with chronic depression but was lucky enough to have loving family and a supportive set of friends help him cope with his mental illness. Twenty years later, he recognizes that other teenagers may not have the same support system, while other cases remain undiagnosed and have no access to medication. Using his journalism degree, he writes about mental health in hopes of raising awareness. During his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and watching Netflix. 

Hannah Hudson

As the sister and legal guardian of a recovering bulimia patient, Hannah understands the hardships of people whose family members have mental illnesses, and apart from her motivational and uplifting articles, teaches people how to care for their family members with mental illnesses. On the weekends, she is an active volunteer for her local kids’ shelter. She is married and has three beautiful children. 

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