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5 Mindfulness Tips You Should Consider

There is practically zero doubt that the raging COVID-19 pandemic affects people financially, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Data show that four in every 10 adults in the US reported experiencing bouts with depression and anxiety, which aggravates the already dire situations that people with existing mental health and substance abuse problems are facing.

Amid all the problems that the pandemic brings to people living in the US, wellness experts and healthcare professionals are optimistic that all hope isn’t lost for those who are deeply affected by the crisis.

If you happen to be among the millions of individuals suffering from mental health issues due to COVID-19, be sure to explore these five mindfulness tips to help you cope with the situation:

Do simple mindfulness exercises

Among the simplest and most economical ways to calm your nerves amid the troubles caused by the pandemic are mindfulness exercises that you can do any time inside your home. These include meditation, breathing exercises, and tuning in to relaxing music.

Child Mind Institute clinical psychologist Jill Emmanuel suggested these and other mindfulness techniques to people who are undergoing hard times, particularly in light of the current crisis. Given that these exercises do not cost anything, there should be no reason for you not to try them out.

Pamper yourself whenever possible.

You owe it to yourself to loosen up periodically and do things that make you feel relaxed. For many, it comes in the form of a relaxing massage or a quick dip at the pool. There are others who find relaxation by taking care of their looks through a quick beauty salon visit or a trip to a reputable clinic that offers lip filler services to people who want fuller lips.

Whatever it is that makes you tick, don’t hesitate to do it as long as it’s safe and won’t aggravate your current situation. Remember that the aim is to feel good all throughout, and not to feel good today only to have regrets the following day.

Be a Good Samaritan when you can.

The COVID-19 pandemic sure brought to light some modern-day Good Samaritans who do not shy away from helping other people who require help in one way or another. With this, be sure to grab every opportunity to do a good deed, so you’ll feel accomplished each time you do so.

You can do this in plenty of ways: donating to your local charity, volunteering to a non-profit organization doing outreach work, or helping your non-tech savvy neighbors to set up their Zoom accounts to connect with their relatives and friends. It doesn’t matter how simple or grand your gesture of help is; what matters is that you do help others who are also struggling to survive as you do.

Live a healthy lifestyle.


The last thing you want to happen amid the crisis is to give yourself another headache by being addicted to illegal substances, alcohol, or tobacco. While they may undeniably offer you temporary relief from the stress and anxiety that you’re dealing with due to the pandemic, they are just that: something that makes you feel good for a short time.

So, instead of binging on alcohol or trying to escape the harsh reality of the situation by taking illicit substances, you should find time to exercise and engage in activities that would make you productive and fulfilled. You can try starting a backyard garden, doing some small home improvement projects, and spending quality time with your family and friends. You should also catch enough sleep each night and eat only healthy food. With a healthy lifestyle, you can already win half the battle with the pandemic.

Maintain constant communication with loved ones and friends.

Many people who suffer depressive episodes and panic attacks are known to lock themselves in their rooms and avoid contact with the outside world. It may seem like a harmless move since you’re not harming anyone, but it’s actually a very destructive habit that you should never entertain or do.

Instead of turning yourself into a hermit, you should keep your communication lines open and maintain contact with your relatives, colleagues, and friends. In today’s digital world, this should not be a problem since you can easily start a video or audio call using Messenger, FaceTime, and other similar messaging apps. The idea is to keep the people close to you within your view, even if it’s just by talking with them through the screen of your smartphone.

Beating the effects of COVID-19 on you may be hard, but not impossible. Just follow these tips and you’ll surely emerge h2er in the end.

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