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Choosing a new dental practice: the do’s and don’ts

If you’re looking for a new dental practice, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the prospect of having to find the right one, especially if you don’t know what the options are in your locality. Finding the right dentist should feel a bit like finding a doctor you can trust and want to see every time you go. This is why it is really important to ensure that you spend time considering the options carefully, and this means researching what the options actually are. But, where do you start? To find a new dental practice, some do’s and don’ts should help you get started.


If you’re a busy person with limited time to go to the dentist, you should definitely consider the location of the practice. Do you want one that is close to where you live, or do you want to go to one during your lunch break at work? For the latter, you may need to find a dental clinic nearer to your workplace. While you may be ready to do some quick search-engine reconnaissance, you shouldn’t pick the first on the list as there are so many other things to consider aside from location. So, while you can make a shortlist of dental practices in your designated area, you will then need to consider other factors. The Irish Dental Association has a list of registered dental practices that could help you find clinics in your area too.

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The treatment list should arguably be a really important part of your search. Are you looking for treatments for yourself, or do you need to factor in any other family members? Finding dental practices that cover a wide range of dental treatments could be a wise move, as you never know when you may need more than just a simple scale-and-polish.

However, one of the key criteria should be what the service is for emergency care. If you need an emergency dentist Dublin, for example, it would probably be best to check what their policy is for helping patients in an emergency. If they are happy to see you during weekends in an emergency, then this should offer reassurance that you won’t be left in pain. If they aren’t offering this, however, you may need to consider whether this is the dental practice you would want to be with during an emergency. You can find out what a dental practice’s treatment list is by visiting their website or contacting their reception desk to enquire.


It can be very revealing what a dental practice is like when you visit the reception area. Are you greeted by smiling reception staff, who are keen to help you, and does the seating area look comfortable with attention to detail, giving the air of a first-class experience? Or are you being greeted by a more clinical and uncomfortable area that doesn’t put you at your ease? If you are a nervous patient, this could be very off-putting, so don’t be afraid to request a visit to the practice; some may even give you a tour of the treatment rooms as well!


If you need to factor in costs, consider asking for a price list. Prices of treatments may be provided on a treatment list. A clinic may also offer a payment plan and other methods of covering costs, which you will need to explore for affordability. Some dental practices have special offers on certain treatments, so don’t be afraid to ask whether there are any discounts or deals if you have a particular treatment in mind. Other practices may also accept medical cardholders of the DTSS (Dental Treatment Services Scheme) who qualify for a free examination each year.

Once you have found your dream practice, you will be able to keep your teeth healthy and looking fabulous, so don’t skim over your research; do a decent job of finding out where the best place is for you and your smile – you won’t regret it!

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