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Five Things you Need to Know about Chiropractic Care

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear the word “chiropractor?” If you’re thinking about back pain, then you have pretty much the same idea as typical Americans.

In reality, chiropractors offer more than just backache relief. Here are some of the things that are worth knowing about chiropractic care.

1. It relies on spine realignment

Chiropractic relies on hands-on manipulation of the spine, along with other alternative care techniques to treat different conditions. Chiropractors believe that aligning the spine back to its natural position allows the body to heal itself naturally. As with different alternative forms of medication, it doesn’t rely on surgery or similar medical procedures.

2. Americans love their chiro

Chiropractic care is widely used in the United States. Based on an article by Web MD, there are approximately 22 million Americans who visit a chiro each year. The most common reason for seeking a chiropractor is back pain, which affects 35% of the said number of people who seek treatment. When a person experiences backache due to muscle strain or injury, the chiro is their go-to person.

3. Chiros know the root cause of backache

Man experiencing backacheThere are some reasons you experience back pain and most cases arise from poor posture and lack of break from strenuous activities. According to chiropractors in Salt Lake, too much gadget use is one reason. A person tends to slouch when using a gadget for long hours. As a result, the bones and muscles of the back, neck, and shoulders are subject to strain. Taking breaks can help ease such pressure.

Sitting for a long period may also take a toll on your back. It subjects the spinal disks and vertebrae to strain, which can lead to pain. Chiros suggest using seat cushions offering lumbar support. It’s also beneficial to adjust the height of your seat to set your computer screen to eye level.

4. Chiros help with holistic health

Chiropractors undergo education and training so that they can also provide professional advice for their customer’s holistic health. They provide guidance on different aspects such as nutrition and fitness. Some chiros focus on particular fields such as pediatrics, neurology, clinical nutrition, and sports rehabilitation.

There are claims that chiropractic care also makes patients get sick less. Spine adjustments help minimize the production of pro-inflammatory mediators that are connected with pain and tissue damage. Also, these adjustments can also promote the body’s defense by boosting the immune system with immunoregulatory complexes.

5. There is no bone-breaking involved

A common misconception is that spine adjustments hurt. In reality, the process is gentle rather than painful. Cavitation, the popping or cracking sound produced during adjustments, is due to the release of gasses from the joint capsule. It’s the same case as popping your knuckles. This means there is no bone snapping involved in the process. Chiros make sure you get the necessary comfort and relief during your treatment.

If you’re interested in receiving chiropractic care, the best thing to do is speak to your local chiro. Whether you’re experiencing back pain or simply want to know a thing or two about your spine health, there is a chiro who is willing to help you.

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