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The importance of good oral health

Can looking after one’s teeth and gums and visiting the dentist Dublin really help protect overall wellbeing? The impact of oral health is not limited to the mouth but as many patients are beginning to find out, dental health affects wellbeing in a multitude of ways.

We need teeth and gums to be healthy and strong for simple tasks such as eating, smiling and talking. Eating is important to meet the nutritional needs of the body and smiling is a trigger for the positive emotional response that keeps the mind happy.

When there is facial pain and discomfort due to poor oral health diseases like tooth decay, everyday tasks including working, learning and sleeping become impossible to accomplish.

When it comes to overall health management, taking good care of one’s oral health is of vital importance.

Ways in which dental care maintains overall wellbeing


Good dental health minimises the risk of unwanted health complications. Keeping on top of oral hygiene is an effective way to reduce the presence of bad bacteria in the mouth. An overload of bad bacteria is one of the main causes of gum disease which is well-known to be linked to serious medical conditions including stroke, heart disease, diabetes complications and lung infections.

Another risk to physical health related to dental issues is malnutrition, particularly in the aged population. It is the older persons in their advanced years that are more likely to have teeth missing – a problem that greatly affects their ability to bite and chew. Age UK estimates that more than one million over the age of 65 in the UK is at risk of being malnourished. Malnutrition is a life-threatening condition that occurs when one does not meet one’s nutritional needs to support bodily function.

One positive of maintaining good dental health that is not often credited enough is that to confidence and mental health. Good dental health is a prerequisite for an infectious sunny smile. Medical studies have drawn strong positive relationships between smiling and confidence as well as attractiveness and forming positive first impressions. It has been confirmed that those who have the confidence to smile attractive smiles are more than likely to be successful in life, whether this be in winning friends, securing a spouse, earning more money or finding a job.

Ways to ensure good dental health

At-home brushing (preferably twice a day) and flossing (at least once a day) teeth is the first golden rule to maintaining oral health. Patients who skip out on these mandatory oral hygiene obligations are at greater risk of all sorts of dental problems and complications. The longer dental health is neglected, the more serious the complications and costlier to treat.

Then there is the professional dental check-up – an appointment that is focused on identifying problems in the mouth and taking action before they can progress any further. It is the dental check-up (required once or twice a year) that is without a doubt vital to protecting oral health.

The dental industry continues to encourage patients to protect their dental health with routine check-ups and proactive and timely action to address worrying symptoms.

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