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How Teeth Grinding Affects More Than Just Your Teeth

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic grinding, which are putting their teeth at risk. But what makes bruxism a problem is that a teeth grinder is not even aware that they are doing it.

Business Insider says that grinding teeth put unnecessary pressure on a person’s teeth. When a teeth grinder gnashes their teeth together, it applies 200 pounds of pressure to the teeth per square inch. The pressure can cause the teeth to crack and develop a fracture.

Eventually, it will soon wear them down until it is completely damaged. Although getting root canals or implants will help restore your smile, it is not only your teeth that is getting damaged.

Chronic grinding does more damage than you think

People who suffer from bruxism often grind their teeth unconsciously for up to 40 minutes each hour that they are asleep, resulting in headaches in the morning. Moreover, it could also cause the jaw to get sore and be damaged.

Researchers believe that 20% of people who suffer from bruxism often experience temporomandibular disorders. Also known as TMD, it affects the mobility of the temporomandibular joints. It is the same joints that act as a bridge to your skull and jaw. It is also the one responsible for eating, talking, and chewing. Chronic grinding tends to overwork these joints, causing it to wear down over time.

Once the muscles work tirelessly, it becomes enlarged and tender, making the person’s face appear more masculine. What is even worse is that the sound your teeth produces when it is grinding could also affect your hearing.

A simple tool to protect your teeth

A device that dentists recommend for teeth grinders is a night guard. Depending on the reason behind your facial pain, wearing a mouth guard can help absorb the pressure from gnashing one’s teeth.

Night guards are custom fit to snuggle either the lower teeth or the upper teeth, so it would not slip off when you are sleeping. It is also worn every night to shield your teeth from bruxism.

You can find this lightweight dental accessory over the counter at almost any drugstore. Another option is to buy a custom bite guard for you. Although a bit expensive, custom night guards align with the teeth and mouth and making it feel more comfortable when wearing it.

Head on over to a dental clinic

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If your roommate or your partner notices that you are grinding your teeth every night, then it is best to visit a dental clinic in Oviedo and consult a dentist about it. People who suffer from bruxism are often unaware that they are doing it until their dentist notices the damage. Although experts have yet to find a cure from bruxism, there are ways to reduce the effects.

Aside from night guards, other solutions to help ease bruxism are muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory drugs. Capitol Broadcasting Company says that your dentist will have to perform a few tests to know the reason for your pain. From there, they will recommend the best solution for your condition.

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