Getting the right amount of lip filler

Lips fillers Kent are becoming increasingly popular and with Instragam feeds filling up with more and more faces that appear perfectly proportioned and increasingly luscious it’s no wonder. Of course, history has given many a lip filler horror story and entering the practice with open eyes to all possibilities is super important.

So, how do we know we’re getting a good lip filler treatment? With the right amount of product and from a qualified practitioner? Let’s find out.

What is lip filler?

Lips filler for the most part is now made from hyaluronic acid, a natural substance which works as a cushion/lubricant for the tissue and joints in the body. The filler is injected into the skin to add volume to the given area. The product itself as long as used by a registered practitioner is safe to use, with negative side effects being very rare.


The preparation

When you first decide you want to go for lip filler you might not think there will be much preparation involved, however, there are steps that should be taken. You need to think long and hard about how big you really want your lips to look, it’s easy to get caught in the dream of very plump lips. It’s very simple to overfill and be left with disappointing results. Manage your expectations about what your first treatment will achieve.

Practically there are a few preparation steps you might want to take too. It’s advised that prior to treatment you refrain from taking fish oil, multivitamins, vitamin E, aspirin, and Aleve for around a week prior to having your lips filled.

Refrain from comparison

If you really want to have a successful treatment then trying your very best to rid yourself of comparison will be key. Often people take photos of their desired look to practitioners and although sometimes this can be helpful, more often than not it isn’t. The results wanted aren’t usually achievable, as we are of course all unique and perfect in our own way.

Hyaluronic acid isn’t the only option

Although hyaluronic acid is becoming increasingly the most popular option it certainly isn’t the only one. There are other types of filler on the market such as collagen, so be sure you go through all the available options with your practitioner to be certain you’re making the right choice for you.

Size does matter

When thinking about how much you want to have placed in your lips it’s good to think about the other features on your face and their size. Even if you desire a much more filled look it’s very easy to go too far and if you’re someone with petite features this will need to be taken into consideration. Start out with 0.5ml and go from there. Your practitioner will still be there in another month or so if you wish to add more.

Filler doesn’t last

Finally, remember that filler isn’t forever. You usually get around six months out of a set of injections, which if you’re unhappy with them is a relief, but if you love them can feel a little bit short. Again, filler is all about managing expectations and starting with the right mindset.

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