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Loving Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and along with it comes tremendous pressure to be with someone. Granted, a loving relationship is all sorts of fulfilling and delightful, but sometimes even a romantic date isn’t an option for some people, let alone a relationship. And sometimes, you know you have just about everything you need being single. That’s all okay! At its core, Valentine’s Day is a celebration for the coming of spring. Of course, you can do that by yourself. And in case you need a little help, here are a few great ideas on how to love yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Cook for You

Filling your stomach may not be as romantic as filling your heart, but there’s something undeniably therapeutic about the whole process of cooking. One easy way to love yourself is by preparing good food just for you. Cook your favorite or try something new. Choose the best ingredients, spare no expense. Pour yourself a glass of wine and dig in!

See a Movie

Whether it’s at home or at the cinema, watching a movie is a great way to treat yourself. Pick a movie that’s popular now, or one that you’ve always wanted to see. And don’t you dare skimp out on the popcorn!

Pamper Yourself

There’s no problem a day at the spa won’t fix. Neck giving you hell? That’s fine. Back making you cry? All good. Broken heart? You got it. Book yourself in for a day of rest and relaxation and see your worries melt away. A deep body scrub just give you the ecstasy others are also getting today.

You should also set an appointment with your hair stylist or barber. Giving yourself a makeover, even if it’s just your hairdo, can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Rescu Me! author Bahar Etminan told Forbes that the new makeover goes past looks and examines other parts of your life that needs attention. You can try this new makeover approach, too. It won’t be as simple as a haircut but the results can be more rewarding.

Get Physical

Love yourself by making yourself sweat. A good workout will prompt your brain to release endorphins that will definitely make you feel good. Go for a run. Use that gym membership you’ve been paying for all this time. Step out for a short hike in a nearby trail. You may even pick this up as your new routine, which is a good way to keep your body happy.

‘Treat’ Yourself

Sort out those bits about yourself that you’ve been putting off. Get your teeth checked. Have those warts removed. Get thatBotox shot you hyped yourself about. A tangible feeling of improving yourself will always boost your confidence. The fact that you’re doing this for you gives it a lot more weight.

Go on a trip

Travel. Take a leave at work and go to a place you’ve always promised yourself you’d visit. Climb a mountain. Visit a new city. Go on a road trip. Seeing new things will give you perspective. An adventure is something everyone needs sometimes, take this time of self-love and get out there.

According to Oprah, a treat is a simple pleasure that we indulge ourselves just because we want it. This Valentine’s Day, love yourself just because.

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