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Restoring lost teeth with dental implants

It is not easy to grow old as there are parts of the human body that will begin to suffer from the wear and tear of decades of use that may start to let people down or give up altogether. One of these areas is a person’s teeth and gums, as the teeth may start to loosen or even fall out after several decades of constant use, this then leads to people having to live with teeth missing from their mouths.

This loss of teeth may cause some people to make some minor changes to the way they choose to use their mouths, some may avoid tougher foods and others may attempt to avoid smiling as a way to avoid showing any tooth loss at the front of their mouth. Losing teeth can make the consumption of foods such as steak or nuts difficult and painful in some cases, as attempting to chew these foods with the gum and jawbone alone is not ideal and something people are not used to.

Many of those who suffer tooth loss quickly start to investigate the different oral devices that are available to simulate teeth in the mouth. These would normally be bridges, which can be used to replace a single tooth or a small number of teeth in one area of the mouth, or dentures, which can be used in cases of complete tooth loss. However, to some people these solutions are not ideal as they are looking for a fixed-in-place solution to their tooth loss, this may then lead them to investigate dental implants Richmond.

The closest thing to real teeth

dental implants

What many patients want when they are looking to replace missing teeth is a solution that is hard wearing and feels as natural as possible in the mouth. After all, they are trying to regain something familiar that they know they have lost. Oral implants are designed to look and feel just like real teeth, they also are strong enough to cope with the rigours and hazards that teeth are exposed to when used on a daily basis.

This treatment is suitable for use in most cases of tooth loss, it can be used to replace a single tooth, or multiple teeth, or to give some an entirely new set of teeth when they have suffered complete tooth loss. Once the treatment has been completed patients will find they can use the new teeth in ways that feel totally natural to them and that they can cope with eating the toughest of foods.

Following treatment patients will be made aware of the need to care for their new replacement teeth, as this will be the best way to ensure that they will last the patient an entire lifetime, There is no need for a patient to learn a cleaning routine that may be unfamiliar to them, as the best way to care for these new teeth is simply to brush and floss them fully twice a day just like cleaning natural teeth. This will also help to keep the patient’s gums healthy.

A great substitute

For those who have lost a tooth or several teeth dental implants may represent a great way to regain the teeth they have missing. They are also suitable for patients who have experienced total tooth loss.

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