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The Importance of Presence of Mind on the Streets

There is nothing wrong with a positive view of life. But let us face it: There are bad people and elements out there. It is always possible that your walk to your pediatric dentist’s clinic could be marred by a bad experience caused by external forces. That may be because you encountered rude and disrespectful people. But things could be worse, as there are people out there who become victims of various street crimes. This can range from petty theft to more violent crimes where physical injury is involved. Unexpected things can happen to anyone, but you can try to reduce the possibility of something bad happening to you by being alert and aware of your surroundings.

Spatial Awareness

Having not one but two eyes allow you to view your surroundings with depth. The world is a three-dimensional place after all. Having a pair of peepers will allow you to judge the depth of a well, the height of a building, or how far an object is. This is important when you are out in the streets so you can know if you will be bumping into someone or something, or vice versa. Some people tend to become hot-headed when they brush against someone, and that could spark a fight between them.

Your spatial awareness can also help when you get yourself in a compromising situation. A glimpse of an area is all you need if you want to hatch an escape plan. For example, if you see suspicious people walking towards you, have your eyes wander around so you can come up with the routes you can go to. From here, you can estimate if you can make it out in a sprint or if you have to jump over gaps.

Sensing Body Language

When you are in an unfamiliar place, it is just right to become a little paranoid. Having no knowledge of the streets and landmarks could put you at a disadvantage in case criminals want to target you as their next victim. You have to be on your toes and observe the people around you, especially if you are alone. It would be possible to avoid being one if you show that you are actively sensing them. Suspicious people could be those who tail you as you are walking, never leave out of your sight, and those who aim to block your path. When you encounter them, get yourself into a bright and crowded area. This will be your chance to contact the police or ask for friends or family to pick you up wherever you are.


Being Conscious of Yourself

A lot of people will tell you that prevention is better than a cure, and this same principle could be applied in life out in the streets. Avoiding trouble can be as simple as adjusting how you look or behave outside. You do not have to sacrifice your fashion sense, as that is a form of expression and you have a right to that. What you have to be careful of though is how you handle your belongings. If possible, be as discreet as you can whenever you take out money or whip up your smartphone. Flaunting them could attract dirty or envious minds, and that could trigger them to do something bad like snatching away your purse. Alternatively, and this could be humorous for some but it should be effective, you can make yourself look suspicious too. You may not attract the nicest people, but you will probably repel most of them, including the bad seeds.

There are a lot of devious people out there who are seeking their prey. Do not be a victim. Keep your eyes peeled for strange activities and move to safe havens when in doubt.

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