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Treating Knee Pain: Your Options for Surgery

Your doctor might recommend some type of knee surgery if your knee pain persists even after you undergo non-invasive treatment. Different types of knee surgery are usually utilized for treating pain from mechanical issues like a torn ligament or cartilage, or for treating knees destroyed by osteoarthritis. The kind of knee surgery you will need will depend on the specific condition or injury that you have.

If Your Knee Pain Is From a Knee Injury

injured soccer playerA type of keyhole surgery, arthroscopy is basically a surgical procedure that involves a tiny camera that your surgeon will use for diagnosing and treating your knee. It is often used for addressing mechanical issues like torn ligaments or meniscuses. These mechanical issues are characterized by having loose cartilage pieces inside the knee joint that will have to be taken out through surgery such as arthroscopy.

Keyhole surgery for the knee in Utah County is usually on an outpatient basis and last for an hour at most. Most patients are able to move around unassisted following the procedure, but some find it helpful to use a cane within five days after the surgery. Full recovery could take eight to 10 weeks.

If Your Knee Pain Is From Knee Arthritis

Joint replacement surgery is one of the most common treatments for knee arthritis. Some individuals, however, are wary of this procedure because they assume that their entire joint will be taken out and replaced. However, surgeons would only resurface the knee joint to get rid of the worn out cartilage so that the bearing surface would only be plastic against metal. The surgeon would then place the new plastic and metal joint surfaces to restore proper function and alignment of your knee.

Depending on the severity of your knee damage, your doctor might recommend a partial or unicompartmental knee replacement surgery or a total knee replacement. In general, if the damage has reached more than one or multiple compartments, you will probably require a total knee replacement. Other surgical procedures for knee pain that your surgeon might consider include abrasion arthroplasty, autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) and abrasion arthroplasty osteotomy.

If Your Knee Pain Is From an ACL Tear

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are fairly common and can be treated by replacing the affected ligament with a tendon graft that is usually sourced from a quadriceps tendon autograft, patellar tendon autograft or a hamstring tendon autograft.

An autograft is a tissue sourced from a certain part of the body that is used to replace something, like a torn ligament in this instance. In some cases, an allograft or a graft from a deceased individual, may be used.

No matter the kind of surgical procedure you and your doctor decide to go with for treating your knee pain, you will also need physical therapy and medications to help ensure a swift and safe recovery. And with all the advances in knee pain surgery and management these days, you will surely get through recovery in no time at all.

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