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4 Reasons Your Social Security Disability Application Is Denied

When you have a disability, your capacity to work for a living becomes compromised. You might not be able to provide enough money for the family, and in worse cases, you can’t get a new job. The government understands this predicament, which is why they offer social security disability benefits. The catch is, you need to prove your disability, and it’s a tedious process.

In many cases, people hire a disability attorney in Utah or other areas to help with the frustrating process. For those who go on their own, many of them end up being denied a claim. Here are the common reasons why your social security disability application is rejected.

Inadequate Information

The most important thing to do to make sure your application gets approved is to provide all the needed information. This way, the agency that will process your request has all the data and records they need. Most of the applications are denied because the information provided is inadequate or there are many lacking documents.

Also, when submitting a claim for disability benefits, it’s important to give as many documents as possible, including all medical records proving your disability. Medical records can make or break your disability claim. Without enough or proper documentation, you can get denied.

Doing It on Your Own

Most applicants get denied because they do not seek legal advice or assistance in preparing and passing their documents. In applying for a disability claim, it’s essential to avail of the aid of a social security disability attorney who will oversee everything, from the preparation of the documents to the submission. They have years of experience in preparing these documents, and they know how the system works. If you’re a newbie in the application, you’ll get more chances of approval if you have an attorney by your side.

Re-applying After Being Denied

Many people re-apply or re-submit their application after being denied the first time. Doing this is a big no-no since the agency keeps track of all submissions. If you want to re-apply, don’t pass a new application. Instead, it would be best to seek an appeal. This way, you’ll provide the necessary or lacking documents to prove your disability. Also, there is a bigger chance that you’ll get approved once all the missing papers are submitted.

Lying About Facts

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Never lie to your attorney or the judge of the case. When it comes to disability applications, you must be honest about your condition. Being dishonest may mean disregarding the claim and, in some cases, getting blocked from the system. Remember that being honest will help you receive approval faster, as long as you have all the necessary proof.

Being disabled is a challenging experience, and some people may not be able to get back to their normal lives. It may mean that they can’t work the same anymore. It’s crucial to get back them in their daily lives with the help of government benefits. Getting a disability claim is a good start as the government will provide monthly financial support.

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