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Bad Hair Day: Why Your Locks Looks Dull and Frizzy When Vacationing

Vacations are fun and carefree — until they take a toll on your hair. If you’ve been living life in airports, hotels, and beaches recently, you probably noticed some changes, not-so-good changes, unfortunately, in the way your curls look. They’re frizzy and flat, so tangled and just messed up, the last thing you want in this holiday life. Not only does it put so much drama on getting a decent Instagram pic, but also fixing it eats up the time you’re supposed to be going on an exotic island or chillin’ by the pool. In short, it just spoils everything. Right?

Why Your Hair Changes

Bad hair days when travelling are actually normal. Or at least, unsurprising. There are a lot of factors that make for ugly-looking hair. Exposure to the sun is one. When you spend long hours of sunbathing by the beach, the sun’s UV rays can cause breakdown on hair proteins, resulting in dull-looking, breakage-prone locks. The pigments in dark hair can provide some protection against damage, but they can only do so much when you’re out in the sun for a long period. As a result of filtering sun’s harmful rays, you may notice your hair lightening a bit after your travel. Another factor here is your travel destination’s humidity level. Hydrogen bonds keep the shape of your hair. When it’s exposed to too much humidity then, these bonds get broken and reformed, resulting in a curlier, wavier shape.

It’s not just outdoor elements that make for your bad hair days. The hard water in your hotel room can also trigger dryness and frizziness. This is due to the minerals, like calcium and magnesium, contained in hard water, left as deposits on your hair. Of course, you’re well aware also that hotel shampoos aren’t the best hair care products. They’re not specially formulated for your hair’s unique needs, so they will naturally leave you hair dull-looking.

What to Do with Bad Hair Day

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have ugly hair in your travel pics. There are ways to keep your hair healthy during trips. The first step is to pack the right products. Start with bath items. Use argan oil shampoo. Philippines-based hair care experts highly recommend this for a travel must-have because it moisturizes the hair and acts as a conditioner as well. This can hopefully counteract the effects of hard water, sun exposure, and humidity. Pack dry shampoo too so you can use it while you’re out too long in the sun to minimize the effects of heat damage. Hair mists are also an excellent addition. These products contain antioxidants and vitamins which can help in keeping the hair’s tensile strength. If you are spending a lot of time in the pool, your hair will do better with chlorine removal shampoo after every dip.

Of course, routines are essential too, not just the products. Avoid going outdoors when the sun is at its peak, from 10 AM – 4 PM. But if you have to go outside, take the simple step of adding hats to your outfit. Go for something that has a wide brim so it will provide pleasant shade for your hair. If that’s not your thing though, you can lather on some zinc oxide sunblock cream.

Bad Hair Day on Vacation?

Bad Hair Day

It’s normal to experience hair changes when you’re travelling — but it’s possible to keep your hair healthy throughout. You have to use the right products and do the proper routines. Now, enjoy your vacation!

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