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Considering Dermal Fillers in Kent

The ageing process is something no one can stop or reverse, it is just a simple fact of life that the older people get the more changes will happen that takes them away from their youthful looks. The face is one of the main areas of the body where the signs of age can be seen, as wrinkles, folds and lines start to form over time.

Some people may decide they want to try to keep their youthful looks for as long as they possibly can, using new treatment options to achieve the youthful looks they desire. With the absence of the fountain of youth, many people end up turning to injectable treatments, such as the dermal fillers in Kent, to gain the results they desire.

In the current market of the UK, these injectable cosmetic treatments are becoming more available than ever before, in places that may not seem as being naturally connected with surgical cosmetic treatments, such as at the dental practice. Yet, when people think about it they may soon realise that a dentist may be the perfect person to apply these injectable treatments, due to their extensive training in dealing with the muscles of the face.

An outline of the treatment

As the skin ages it starts to lose the ability to produce the natural hyaluronic acid it needs to stay looking healthy and youthful, this leads to the development of lines and wrinkles within the areas of the face. The dermal fillers being offered in Kent are made up of sterile hyaluronic acid that is then injected into the desired area, replacing the acid that has been lost.

The main areas treated with these injectable fillers are the cheeks and lips, as they are perfect for creating a fuller, plump look in the treatment area they are applied to. As the muscles start to relax, due to the effects of replacing the lost acids, the face starts to fill out and regain its youthful look.

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A fine needle is used to inject the treatment into the highly delicate muscles of the face, care is given to ensure that these muscles are not damaged. Many people use these injectable treatments because they are convenient in comparison to other forms of cosmetic surgeries, with a short recovery time after treatment.

In most cases, dermal filler treatment can be received within minutes and the recovery time is normally less than a week, with the results becoming visible within a few short days.

Going to the dentist for cosmetic treatment

It may sound strange to go to see a dentist to receive cosmetic treatment, but, as previously stated, given their training it is not as strange as some may think. The dentist is very used to giving injections into the sensitive areas of the face, ensuring they ‘first do no harm’ whilst applying the injection. This makes them perfect for giving injections of a cosmetic nature.

Strongest advice

There are places other than dentists advertising these injectable treatments, recently there have been a lot of people advertising on the internet via social media. It should be recognised that many of these people may not be as qualified to give the treatment as a dentist, some of whom would have been on a course lasting a couple of days.

When having any procedure on the face, the person receiving treatment should seek to use the services of a qualified professional.

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