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Where better to get your braces than with the dentists who teach other dentists?

What should you know before committing to an orthodontic treatment?

When looking to straighten and enhance a smile there can be a variety of things to consider including what treatment plan to follow, which equipment will suit the patient best and what length of time the treatment will take. However, whilst all these factors are important there are other things to consider including what commitment is required from the person taking on the treatment. The patient’s own commitment to their treatment of invisible braces greatly impacts the success each time and therefore this is something which needs to be considered.

Following an invisible braces Sydney CBD orthodontic plan such as Invisalign allows each patient the freedom to have the majority of their care carried out in the comfort of their own home. However, this requires them to follow a designated plan, to communicate any concerns they may have with their dental team when they feel even a little unsure on a particular aspect of the plan and ensure that each day they thoroughly take care of their teeth and retainers.

The patient’s commitment is the most important part of the process so the dental team needs to ensure they are fully on board before deciding on the best plan going forward.

Putting the patient’s care in the professional hands

Aside from their own hands, finding a dental team who not only understands the importance of patient care, but also understands the orthodontic treatment plan inside out is vital. Therefore there is no better choice than working together with dentists who train other dentists.


As a starting point, once the decision has been made to straighten their smile a consultation will be arranged between patient and dentist so as to discuss the options available and ensure that the patient is a suitable candidate for the treatment. This will not only be in the form of a discussion, but will also be a physical oral examination along with digital scans, photographs and in some cases X-rays. There are never any shortcuts in finding the best way to realign the smile, all solutions are based on what would be the best option for the patient whether it be fixed braces or a transparent aligner. Once the dental team has investigated the alignment issues and taken the necessary information from the dental scans a 3D plan will be formulated. It may be that a bone graft is discussed first, depending on the depth of the jawbone, or it may be that the patient can start treatment as soon as the custom-made aligners are created. No matter which route is to be taken, the dental team will be working alongside the patient every single step of the way and keeping them fully informed of every aspect of the treatment. This open communication between the dentist and patient is vital as a high percentage of the treatment is carried out at home rather than within the dental practice.

Take the time

Making changes to the smile can have a huge impact on an individual’s life both physically and emotionally, which is why it is important that all options are discussed and understood before undergoing a treatment. At no point does the treatment decision need to be rushed, every patient is encouraged to take the time needed.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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