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Aiding recovery from dental implantation

Dental implants Herefordshire can be totally life changing for those who have suffered through tooth loss. They enable patients a fresh dental start and mean they can get their lives back to how they were before their tooth loss. Of course, dental implants like all surgeries do come with some discomfort and recovery time can vary patient to patient. With that in mind this article is going to focus on what patients can do in order to aid their recovery time.

Number one – follow the guidance

Honestly, time and time again patients fall victim to their own failings. People for some reason love to ignore advice and break the rules and this is no more true than when looking at recovery. Dentists give advice based on their experience and knowledge and they don’t give out guidelines for no reason. For sure if you’re a regular gym goer or sauna partaker it can be frustrating, but If you want to quicken recovery do yourself a favour and just listen to the specialist.

Number two – attend your check-ups

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Just because you might well be feeling great doesn’t mean there aren’t things you should be watching out for and keeping on top of. One of these is making sure you’re attending your follow up appointments. Follow ups might feel like an unwanted expense or a waste of time, but actually they’re a very important part of your recovery. Your dentist needs to know how you’re getting on and how the surgery site is healing, so don’t skip your check-ups.

Number three – avoid infections

Post dental implant surgery you’re going to want to make sure you do everything you can to avoid developing any infection. Infections can be really easy to pick up especially when the surgery site is in your mouth. Avoiding touching the area with your hand both internally and externally is very important as you want to keep any bacteria away, but also not aggravate the area either. If the area becomes rather red, swollen or inflamed you should be getting in contact with your dentist as soon as you can.

Number four – be aware of what you’re eating

Since dental implants are a surgery in your mouth, to aid recovery you need to make sure you are watching what you eat. Try and avoid anything that is very chewy or hard to eat as it could aggravate the surgery site. You should, especially in the first few days, try soft foods and even liquids such as smoothies. This will help keep the surgery site calm.  If you’re someone who’s prone to eating lots of high sugar and acidic foods then this is the right time to start cutting down on these, not only is this important for the care of your dental implants moving forward, but also so that you keep sugar out of the surgery site.

Number five – relax

Our bodies have been proven time and time again to heal better when they are in a calmer state. Stressed bodies take longer to heal from any surgery and dental implants are no different. With this in mind, keep on top of your recovery by doing all you can to be kind to yourself, practise self-care and wellbeing methods in order to help yourself.

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