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Enjoy Life-changing Results to Your Lifestyle With The Help Of Dental Implants Nottingham

If you’re experiencing missing or loose teeth and are hoping to find a natural-looking replacement, why not consider dental implants Nottingham?

While dentures and bridges serve as an effective dental solution for some patients, other patients have turned to dental implant surgery. Following the impressive advances in dentistry today, patients now have the option to have artificial teeth in the form of dental implants. Implants not only resemble natural teeth in their appearance but also function in a similar fashion. They are highly durable and can last several years with the right care.

Dental implant surgery – everything you need to know about the process

If you’re unsure about what is involved in dental implant surgery, this handy guide reveals everything there is to know, so you can feel confident about the process.

Did you know that dental implants can also be used as effective dental solutions for younger patients requiring replacement teeth?

Dental implants have been proven to be clinically safe and can offer long-lasting results thanks to the durable resin they are created from. They offer a host of advantages, and one of the many benefits of having dental implants is that they can improve your levels of self-confidence. If you feel embarrassed about having a gap in your smile or missing teeth, a dental implant is a great way to restore your smile and offer a natural-looking tooth replacement.

Dental implants also improve the patient’s ability to bite and chew solid food and enhance their bite strength; this in turn improves digestion, positively impacting your overall health and wellbeing.

Patients with missing or loose teeth have often suffered from difficulty eating certain foods and may have had to restrict certain items from their diet. Thanks to dental implants, patients can now remove food restrictions and enjoy dining out without worrying about loose teeth.


Turn to dental implants for a natural-looking final result

If you’re hoping to find a discreet way of replacing missing teeth, look no further than dental implants. Your implants can be colour-matched to suit the shade of your natural teeth, resulting in the prosthetics looking as discreet and natural as possible.

Stimulate bone tissue growth as an added benefit

Another advantage of opting to have dental implants is that they can stimulate bone tissue growth. Once a tooth is missing, the tissue in the area around the missing tooth starts to shrink over a short period. Dental implants offer a great solution to rectify the problem as they stimulate bone tissue growth in the affected area, which in turn makes the implants last longer.

What is involved in having a dental implant fitted?

During the minor surgery, the patient will have a local anaesthetic administered first. Small metal screws are fitted into the patient’s jaw to secure the dental implant firmly in place. Once the implant is fitted and feels secure, a bridge or, in some cases, a crown can be fitted; this process results in the patient feeling comfortable with the implant and confident to bite and chew without hesitation.

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