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Dental Problems That are Very Real and May Cause Lifelong Damage

Those who have suffered teeth-related pain may tell you that the pain itself won’t kill you, but they sure feel like they could. There’s certainly no need to delay the visit to a dentist if you feel pain, especially if it’s to a point that you can’t think of anything else. Your life may not be at risk from the pain, but because you’re distracted by it, you find it hard to focus on other aspects that could endanger your life.

It’s not just a dramatic way of getting you to visit the dentist. These are very real, painful, and dangerous:

Dangerous Fake Fangs Adhesive Won’t Budge

Spending $3 for a Halloween costume sounded like a good way to prepare for the spooky holiday, but after a woman found out that the adhesive that came with the fake fangs were not meant for temporary use, she ended up needing emergency dental treatment. She might be a resident of Mobile, Alabama, but anyone from South Jordan may have a similar case if they don’t consult their dentist before using adhesives that come with cheap costumes. Unless you’re especially meticulous about your Halloween look, chances are, you want to get the best costume without spending much.

For the woman, this meant dealing with pain resulting from trying to remove the fake teeth using various implements, for almost 24 hours. Her dentist was worried about accidentally pulling all her teeth out in the process. Let this teach you a lesson to pay for quality so you’ll avoid more expensive treatment later on.

Broken Dentures Result in Choking or Gagging


For those who have had their teeth extracted and have chosen to replace them with dentures, oral care seems to take a backseat. This is the first mistake you’re making, as even dentures need care. The area around them still accumulate bacteria and may lead to bad breath, at least.

A person who doesn’t pay attention to the state of their dentures might not even notice that they’re broken and may be swallowed by accident. Ill-fitting dentures, due to improper measurements or damage, may also cause gagging. Others also report pain because of the discomfort. Before going home with your dentures, ask your dentist about the proper way to clean it, and what you can do to prolong its lifespan.

Extreme Sports Take Athletes to Emergency Clinics

Sports, when done right, can be fun and enjoyable. This means you should be dressed for the activity, which can be exacting for the body. For sports that involve physical contact or extreme activities, there’s a need to wear mouth guards.

Now, this is where you should ask yourself if a generic mouth guard would save your teeth from a possible accident. Dentists recommend having mouth guards fitted, so they will be able to cover your teeth without much movement. This isn’t just for those who play extreme sports, either. Even basketball, baseball, and other similar sports may result in someone being taken in for emergency dental care. There are balls, metals, and other people they might run into, causing damage to their teeth.

Adults need to care for their adult teeth, as you won’t grow any new ones if you lose them. Be aware of what you’re subjecting your teeth to.

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