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This dentist Canary Wharf, more than just dental care!

At this dynamic dentist Canary Wharf you will be welcomed by a well balanced team providing an eclectic mix of specialities. Modern dentistry requires a proactive approach with a focus on the patient. Getting to know and understand your desires and expectations allows this dentist to treat you in a personal manner. Dental care must include your entire mouth because your teeth affect many aspects of your life and body. They focus on your entire wellbeing by providing you with the best oral care offered by a dentist Canary Wharf.

Continuous evolution

Standing still is not an option and dental science has harnessed the incredible advances made in technology to your advantage. To be a modern dentist Canary Wharf it is imperative to be able to evolve and adapt. Being able to offer a comprehensive range of oral treatments provides patients with less of a challenge than having to go to a specialist dental practice. This practice develops a candid relationship with its patients and it is less stressful to be treated by someone whom you know and trust.

Greater dental awareness

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To be able to express your emotions through a smile should be a natural thing to do. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons some patients feel self conscious and refrain from smiling or they cover their mouth when they do smile. It could be because of stained, chipped or cracked teeth. These are problems that this dedicated dental team can repair. Teeth whitening is done by creating a custom fitting tray so that it is designed specifically for you. The composition of the solution to whiten your teeth is created especially for you so that your gums are not irritated or damaged. To repair cracked or chipped teeth, veneers may be recommended to restore and reshape your damaged teeth.

Poor dental care, affecting others

The maintenance of your teeth can affect those around you in a variety of different ways. Excessive snoring and teeth grinding as well as bad breath can contribute to your embarrassment. It is not necessary and the team of passionate clinicians will guide and direct you about proper oral hygiene. Snoring is a common problem and years of experience have given this dentist the experience to be able to correct this problem, restoring a peaceful night for all. Teeth grinding, commonly known as Bruxism, is a symptom which this team treats regularly helping to ensure the longevity of your teeth.

Lost or misaligned teeth

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Losing a tooth, especially a front tooth can make a patient very self-conscious. In the past a bridge was created which required at least one adjacent tooth for support. Over the decades dental implants have been developing and the techniques and procedures which this team have learned and perfected, over the years, allows them to provide this permanent form of tooth replacement. Misaligned teeth or malocclusion as it is referred to affects many people and used to require a cumbersome metal dental brace to correct the condition. Now there are a variety of dental braces and aligners some of which are almost invisible. Your misaligned teeth can now be brought back into alignment very discreetly no matter your age.

A dentist for all your dental requirements

Modern dentistry is now a much broader, all-inclusive discipline from the welcome by reception to the dental nurse, hygienist and dentist. Dental care is all about the patient rather than just about a patient’s teeth!

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