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Finding your new dentist shouldn’t just be a search engine affair

When you are looking for a new dentist, you may have just moved to the area or perhaps you want to find one that accepts NHS patients. Whatever your reasons for considering a move, it is important that you do more than simply type a phrase like ‘dentist in London‘ into the search engine and choose the first one that comes up. Why? Because finding the dentist that’s right for you is really important. You will have specific needs and requirements and since you know yourself best, it’s up to you to do what’s right for you. There are many ways to ensure that you find the right dental practice and taking a little time to consider the following things may just be the ticket you need to maintain a healthy and happy smile.

Location, location, location

There is a reason why so many people love watching property programmes. While it is enjoyable to see inside different buildings and it satisfies our curiosity, it is also teaching us the importance of location. The convenience of a home by a local school, shops, and other amenities cannot be underestimated. The same can be said for dental practices. When you are looking at potential places to join, consider if it is near local transport routes, if you need them, or if it offers onsite parking. You may require a practice that is close to work, so you can go during lunch breaks, or you might prefer to have one closer to home. Whatever your requirements, location should be the first thing to consider. If it isn’t in the right position for you to be able to attend appointments, then it really doesn’t matter what the treatments are like!


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The next thing to consider about finding a dental practice is what treatments are offered. A practice in London may offer what you’re looking for: teeth whitening in London! However, you should also consider if they cover all areas of dentistry that you may need now and in the future, if you intend on remaining a patient at the practice for years to come. Some dental practices offer all the services you should need, rather than having to be referred elsewhere. This should include general dentistry, cosmetic treatments, restorative dentistry, endodontics, and preventive care. You can ask a dental practice for a list of their treatments, or many have a comprehensive list on their practice’s website.

Money, money, money

Leave room to also consider the cost of your treatment. If you are trying to find a dental practice that accepts both private and NHS patients, you can search on the NHS website by postcode for NHS dentists in your area. If you are happy to go private, you may still like to consider what the treatment prices are or the practice plan if they offer their own scheme. You can find out about this often on dental websites, or you can contact the practice to discuss this. It will also give you time to find out how friendly and helpful the staff are. You could even pop in and check out the surroundings to see if it looks and feels the way you want it, to allow you to relax properly. Hard plastic chairs may not put you at your ease as much as a big, comfy leather sofa with complimentary refreshments.

So, once you have put a bit more thought into finding your dentist, you can then book in for your first of many appointments to get you a beautiful smile, knowing that you have found a dentist that is right for you.

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