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Four Ways for Brides to Look Great on Their Wedding Day

You’ve long been fantasizing about the day you say “I do” to the love of your life, and now it’s finally here. Congratulations! Of course, you will want to look amazing on this significant day, what with all your loved ones in attendance and cameras in your face.

From skincare products to tips on slimming down, here are some suggestions you might want to consider for your wedding preparation.

Pamper yourself with body contouring

Trying to slim down for the big day, but finding it hard to get rid of stubborn fat deposits? From Utah to California, many brides-to-be will answer “yes” to this question. Consider CoolSculpting if you’re battling with fatty areas that seem impervious to diet and exercise.

Also known as cryolipolysis, this works best for people who want to get rid of fat in their upper arms, flanks, abdomen, and the area under your chin and buttocks. This FDA-approved non-surgical fat loss treatment is done with the use of a handheld applicator, which applies controlled cooling on the skin over the targeted area. It works by crystallizing unwanted fat cells, causing them to die and be expelled from your body.

Get longer-lasting results by scheduling two to three sessions. A study in 2014 showed that cryolipolysis’ usual rate of fat reduction is up to 25% per treatment. It also has a patient satisfaction rate of up to 73% after a single treatment.

Take care of your pearly whites

You will be smiling a lot on this momentous occasion. It would be a great idea to schedule an appointment with your dentist beforehand, for a cleaning session. Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth also go a long way when it comes to maintaining a picture-perfect smile.  For added dazzle, you may want to look into tooth whitening treatments for your big day.

Go neutral

When it comes to makeup, opt for neutral shades that will highlight your best features. The goal is to look recognizable, natural, and glowing in person and in photos. Make sure to use your favorite shade of long-lasting lipstick and waterproof mascara, so your look will not be ruined if you sweat a bit or shed some happy tears.

If you want to avoid breakouts, go for water-based, oil-free, and hypoallergenic products. Products with minerals like silica and zinc oxide minimize skin redness and absorb excess oil.

Take good care of your skin

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It will help a lot if you pay more attention to your skin months before the wedding. Make a habit of washing your face with mild soap and water. Moisturize with products that have been specifically made for the face, because body lotion is heavier and may, therefore, clog your pores. Use products that have hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which help keep moisture in the skin.

Getting a healthy amount of sleep the night before the wedding can do wonders as well. This will reduce the chance of getting dark circles under the eyes and lessen the possibility of acne. If you have oily skin, a pack of blotting tissues will help to absorb excess oil from your face.

A couple’s wedding day is a huge milestone in their relationship. Their immediate family, friends, and perhaps even their extended family will be present at the momentous gathering. Everyone will be eager to congratulate and take photos of and with the newlyweds, and that is why both of them need to look their absolute best on this glorious day.

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