Fun Facts About Your Personal Training Insurance Company

Personal trainers are often aware that there is some risk when training clients. While clients usually won’t get any injuries, there is a slight chance that something could go wrong. For instance, a client could slip and fall during a workout, or they could strain a muscle due to incorrect form. These incidents, while not common, are possible. This isn’t a reflection of a poor trainer, because accidents do happen.

Video Source

The YouTube channel PTPioneer explains why liability insurance is crucial for any trainer.

#1: Liability Waivers Don’t Hold Up in Court
Liability waivers, while commonly signed before taking on a client, unfortunately, don’t offer the level of protection trainers might hope for in a court setting. However, liability insurance steps in as a safety net, providing a sense of security and reassurance in the face of potential legal issues. 

#2: Personal Training Insurance Covers a Wide Variety of Issues
A personal training insurance company can cover various issues, such as negligence, inaccurate advice, personal injury, and misrepresentation. Insurance can also help with property damage, as training machines are expensive and can break. 

#3: Policies Are Very Affordable!
Policies start at as little as $10 and can cover a lot. Personal trainers should familiarize themselves with different insurance options, such as professional and general liability insurance. However, it isn’t always required, as regulations vary from state to state. The best way is to check your local laws and get insurance today.

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