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Understanding the Global Health Issues of Aging

Aging is a natural phenomenon that humans have to deal with. It is inevitable. And comes with aging are the health implications that may arise as time goes. Our bodies have only a time of elasticity and the ability to heal themselves. As people grow older, the ability of our bodies to heal themselves also diminishes. We are more prone to injuries of the slightest causes, which can lead to adverse effects if not treated early.

Why is this so? With time, cells in our bodies slow down. They cannot anymore sustain the damages that have accumulated over time. As such, our mental and physical capacities start to diminish. Until eventually, we meet death. But what needs to be clarified is that aging comes at different times and is not always linear. Yes, it comes with age, but it may come at another time in each people’s life.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2050, people aged 60 and up would double to 2 billion. This poses a shift to the demographics of the world’s population. This emerging change can have an effect on society at large. It is only essential to know why this can affect not only on the individual level but on the societal level as well.

In a way, this can become an opportunity not only for the individual but also for their families and society as a whole. Longevity can mean more opportunities to provide for their families. They can even contribute more to society if their bodies are able and can still be productive. All of this is reliant on one specific factor: people’s health.

The Essence of Aging Gracefully

Your health, regardless of age, is essential. But as you age, it is something that must be put on the top of your priority. Aging gracefully must be one of the things that you aim for. Some confuse aging gracefully as looking 20-something all your life. It is more than that. It is not just about looking young; it is more about how you took care of your well-being, which can manifest inside out.  If you have placed importance on your health early on, you’ve given yourself the excellent investment you can get.

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Aging entails a lot of effect on people’s general health. You are prone to injury and other conditions like high blood pressure, heart conditions, sensory loss, chronic diseases, and so much more. For most countries with a busy working force, most older adults who can no longer fend for themselves are placed in different institutions that cater to their needs.

Some of these healthcare centers are also available for franchise. It is not surprising to see an opportunity for a home healthcare franchise with the growing population of the elderly. In these health centers, they are looked after, and their needs are given priority. This is an excellent way of making sure that the elderly were treated not only with proper medical attention but also with dignity and respect.

Unfortunately, when it comes to health and proper institutions for the elderly, not every country has that. A lot of older adults from developing countries suffer from neglect and poor conditions. Their health is not given attention, and as such, they are more prone to complications and even death.

Besides the conditions and opportunities afforded to them, health is a matter of genetics and how you took care of yourself throughout the years. Aside from that, the community and the socioeconomic background are also factors to the aging aspects of people. Some people become more susceptible to respiratory illnesses if they have spent most of their lives smoking or exposed to dangerous chemicals that damaged their respiratory system.

Focusing on Healthy Living

One must remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easily achievable if you are in an environment that fosters healthy living. If you have the means to live in a healthy environment, eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, go on checkups religiously, and sleep soundly at night, being aging gracefully and healthily is doable.

Health is more just a medical or scientific issue; it is also societal. With that, the challenge is how health can be leveraged to all. As access to good health is a universal human right, this must be provided to everyone, not just the select few. Suppose this will be addressed, and policymakers ensure that most people will be able to have the chance to age gracefully. In that case, society can thrive more, not just today but for generations to come.

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