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Head-to-Toe Winter Beauty Hacks

Australian winters are generally mild, but as a nation that’s used to pleasant, mostly coastal weather, the cold can be harsh. The low temperature and drop in humidity can wreak havoc not just on your social life and holiday plans, but on your skin as well.

The lack of moisture in the air can mean a lack of moisture in your skin, too. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation Inc, “moving back and forth between the cold, dry air outside and the warm, dry air inside throughout the winter months can cause our skin to become dehydrated and may exacerbate some skin conditions.”

The problem is it’s not only the parts of your skin exposed to cold that can be affected but the rest of your body, too. To keep the winter glow from head to toe, you might want to give these beauty hacks a go.

1. Add sugar to your shampoo

Like the rest of your body, the scalp does get dry and flaky during the winter. To slough off flakes and product build-up, add a tablespoon of sugar to your usual dollop of shampoo. The fine granules work to gently exfoliate your scalp.

Be careful not to do this every day, though. Use the sugar-shampoo scrub every three washes and make sure to use a moisturising shampoo for the mixture.

2. Avoid using waterproof mascara

The cold temperature and dry outdoor air cause the eye to dehydrate. As a result, the skin around your eyes may swell and look puffy. Plus, the cold weather generally makes people sleepy, which translates to droopy eyes. Your first instinct might be to put on a couple of coats of mascara to make your eyes seem more awake. However, this might be a bad idea.

Waterproof mascara is designed to last, so it’s perfect for humid days when even your lids are sweating. But for dry winter weather, it can cause more trouble. Washing it off requires a lot of rubbing, which can irritate your eyes further, on top of the already harsh cold weather. consider a reputable establishment in Sydney for eyelash extensions, instead. These enhancements add volume to your lashes, making them look more awake and beautiful, without the irritating effects of waterproof mascara.

3. Exfoliate with honey and sugar

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Flaky lips? Use the moisturising combo of honey and brown sugar. Applying this mixture onto your dry, cracked lips is a quick way to slough the dry skin away. Just gently rub the mixture onto your lips using your fingers or a cotton swab then rinse off with water.

The sugar acts as the exfoliant, working to scrub away the dead, dry skin on your lips that causes that cracked look. The honey, on the other hand, acts as a humectant, helping your lips retain and preserve their moisture.

4. Use lip balm on your dry cuticles

The cuticle area of your fingertips is delicate and can get dry and crack easily. This is especially true in cold months when there’s a lack of moisture in the air. Even if you use gloves religiously, your cuticles may still be affected by the cold.

When the skin around your cuticles starts flaking or peeling, apply lip balm onto them. The balm’s thick consistency moisturises and helps heal the damaged skin.

5. Put on socks after moisturising your feet

Cold weather can exacerbate the soles and heels’ tendency to crack and dry. Moisturise and soften them by slathering on thick dollops of lotion or moisturiser, especially before bed. Then, cover your feet with cosy cotton socks while you sleep. The socks act as an occlusive barrier, keeping the moisture sealed in your skin through the night.

Who says you have to suffer from bad skin in cold weather? Once you try these hacks out this winter, you’ll keep your skin moisturised, fresh, and glowing all winter long.

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