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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Approved for a Disability Claim

Having a disability and not having money to face the challenges that come with it just sucks. But understanding how the Social Security System works is immensely crucial to receiving your disability benefits. Below are some guidelines to help keep your disability claim moving along without unnecessary delays.

File Your Disability Claim As Soon As Possible

Majority of disability claims could take a significant time to process. Unfortunately, plenty of claimants experience financial issues mainly because they didn’t know how long the entire claims process would last, and realized belatedly that they should’ve filed their social security disability applications sooner, notes a representative in Utah with ample experience in representing SSD applicants. Additionally, this is vital since you don’t want to wait for your SSDI insurance to expire.

Consider Getting Help with Your Application

A staggering number of individuals who file for disability benefits, or reapply after being denied, fail to fill in their paperwork correctly or submit the paperwork on time. If you think you might have problems like these, it’s best that you enlist help from a responsible family member, friend, or even a professional representative to avoid potential issues.

Continue Visiting Your Doctor

Because an examiner would evaluate your disability claim based on your medical records, ideally and if applicable, you must have gotten ongoing, regular treatments for years or months before filing a claim. You must also continue taking your prescribed medicines. Otherwise, if you ask your doctor for a supporting statement for your claim, he or she might not cooperate. Additionally, the examiner might not believe that the condition your claim is based upon isn’t that serious enough since you haven’t been visiting your doctor regularly.

Make Sure That Your Doctor Completes The RFC Form

Doctor smiling at the disabled patientClaim examiners will utilize the RFC or residual functional capacity form for figuring out how much functional ability you still possess despite your disability. If you can submit a completed RFC form along with your disability claim paperwork, the examiner will depend on it to some extent when creating your internal RFC.

Don’t Rely on The Social Security Toll-Free Number for Updates on Your Claim

Unfortunately, the information provided by call center representatives for Social Security claims is mostly inaccurate. If you need updates on your claim, contact the examiner from the Disability Determination Services or the Social Security office you filed your application with. If you already have a scheduled hearing, contact the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.

Seek Help from an Experienced Representative or Attorney for Appealing a Denial

Majority of applicants will need to attend an appeal hearing if they want to increase their chances of getting their claim approved. Attending an appeal hearing with an experienced rep or an attorney who would advocate for your claim would ensure that you obtain the best possible results.

Following these tips will help increase your chances of getting your disability claim approved and ensure that you have all the resources you need to face whatever challenges disability might throw your way.

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