Improving Oral Health With Invisalign

In recent years, the way people think about healthy living has shifted in a more positive direction. This could be put down to the fact that people recognise that if they wish to live long and happy lives, then the best way to ensure this can happen is to pay attention to the health needs of the human body.

It could be argued one of the most important parts of the body to take great care of is the mouth, as this is the gateway to the body for the nutrients needed for the rest of the body to survive. However, those with misaligned teeth may find maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene problematic at times.

Modern orthodontic developments have now led to the creation of suitable and effective treatment options for adults with misaligned teeth, that can aid them in obtaining a higher standard of oral hygiene.

Many practices across the UK are now offering their patients the chance to access modern treatments. There have been many innovations in the area of orthodontics and one of the results of this has been the creation of Invisalign Weybridge.

Aligners transformed

In the past, when a dentist or orthodontist mentioned the idea of tooth alignment treatment to patients who may have benefited from such treatment, a sense of dread may have run across their minds. The only image of braces was one of wires and metal being placed on the front of the teeth, in most cases this would be suggested at a time in the patient’s life when they already felt vulnerable and lacked self-confidence due to adolescence.

This process of offering teenage patients a treatment that may have been seen as unsightly and ugly led to many refusing to engage with treatment, meaning they would take the problems of misaligned teeth into adulthood and may be at greater risk of developing other oral issues.


Invisalign has now changed the image of orthodontics by re-imagining the entire concept and taking advantage of modern material technology, this has created a new understanding and thinking about what the patient considers when looking to undergo tooth alignment treatment.

The key difference is the design of the aligner. Instead of being metal and attached to individual teeth by brackets and wires where they are visible, the Invisalign aligner is made of a thin innovative plastic which is hard to see when worn and is also removable. This helps to create a more discreet form of treatment that can be hidden away from the eyes of others, allowing any patient to receive the treatment they require without it being overt and obvious.

The aligner is custom made to suit the individual patient’s case, this is done following a full examination and consultation. At the consultation, the orthodontist may take X-rays, scans, or a mould of the teeth and jawline to aid in the creation of the patient’s set of aligners which need to be changed every 2 weeks. There is also the opportunity in most clinics providing Invisalign to see a virtual journey of the route the patient’s teeth will take to become straight. Seeing the expected results of Invisalign treatment can be a great incentive to patients. During the consultation, there may also be a discussion around oral hygiene, as there is a need to maintain a high standard throughout treatment to avoid the development of other issues.

It is time for change

For those looking for tooth alignment treatment, Invisalign may be a treatment option they want to consider. It is advisable to contact an orthodontic or dental practice to find out more information and to find out how to book an appointment for the required consultation.

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