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Make sure everything is optimised for a search engine

A lot of people try to put their own marketing techniques in place before realising just how tricky it is to achieve a top result on Google’s results page. Sometimes it can be easier to hire a professional from the offset to assist you when it comes to dental SEO. A professional will ensure that absolutely everything is optimised for search engines when it comes to your online presence. There are thousands of websites relating to dentistry, so getting yours to stand out from the rest, especially your local competitors, is a must if you wish to increase your web traffic each month by a significant amount. When you hire a professional to help with your marketing they will make sure that a multitude of things, such as professional blogs and Google features, are being utilised to boost your website’s optimisation, as well as making sure its functionality and speed does not let you and your future patients down either.

Keywords are more than just words

People often rush through the wording of their website without thinking about how a search engine will respond to their site. If you want to maximise your chances of appearing within the top few results that Google provides, then is it necessary to pay attention to the words that you are using. Keywords, when used correctly, can be an invaluable tool when it comes to optimising your site to appear high up within search engine results. Embedding one or two keywords within your webpages, as well as within your professional blog, can make all the difference and posting to your blog frequently will keep your site fresh and up to date. Keywords are usually things that people would be searching for themselves, such as ‘teeth whitening treatment’ or ‘dentist near me’.

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Mobile friendly websites for mobile users

As the internet has advanced so have the ways in which people can access it. Instead of just using desktop computers and laptops, people are now able to do just as much on the internet through their smartphone or tablet, and it is more convenient too. Being able to access the internet from their smartphone means that generally speaking, they can access whatever they want, wherever they are. However, mobile searchers have a certain set of expectations that, if not met, may result in them quickly leaving your website to visit a competitor’s site instead. Speed is of the essence as people are often in a rush when they are trying to find something out and cannot afford to spend ages waiting for all of your pages to load, especially when there is another website a few clicks away that loads almost instantly. Statistically it is said that people expect your site to load in no more than three seconds, and in addition to this they expect everything on your site to have been fully adapted for viewing through a mobile device. People are less likely to stay on your site if they have to try and navigate around a desktop site from their smartphone or tablet, so having all of its features optimised for mobile use is a must.

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