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Dentist in Ipswich, keeping dental decay at bay!

If the centuries have taught us anything in all walks of life, it’s that to prevent something happening is better than having to correct it afterwards. Dentistry in the twenty-first century would probably look like magic to our ancestors. The equipment and techniques that have evolved over those years is testament to man’s ingenuity. Education has been vital to our evolution and we are still learning. For this practice, preventive dentistry starts with educating patients about how to take care of their oral cavity. When you enter the surgery you will be warmly welcomed by staff who are all playing their part in helping you to maintain your oral hygiene.

Individual care and attention

One dental treatment does not suit all because we are all different. This team spends a lot of time getting to know and understand you. Knowing all about you, your expectations and your phobias. This helps them to design a treatment plan specifically for you. Before they consider any treatment, they will conduct a thorough oral examination. They will naturally look for any tooth decay, gum disease, dental misalignment and mouth cancer to name but a few. The latest X-ray and scanners allow them to create a comprehensive and clear image of the interior of your mouth. This equipment makes designing treatment more accurate and better targeted than in decades past. Once they have assessed the results of the examination they will discuss their findings with you. Any decision to proceed with a treatment is yours so they will explain at length what they have found and they will provide you with as many suggestions for treatment as possible.

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Dynamic dentist for a modern world

Providing dental care in a modern city requires a dentist in Ipswich to be dynamic and able to adapt to change. Embracing modern technology to the benefit of our patients means not only providing modern treatment but also utilising technology to allow patients to access treatment. They have a variety of ways you can get in touch, making sure that you can get the treatment that you require. Modern working life in a city may make getting emergency treatment difficult. Quest Dental Care Ipswich will be there for you. They offer same day appointments and if your condition requires additional treatment, they will accommodate you.

Responding to progress

Technology has brought with it a different set of dental demands. Dentists used to be a place where you would have a tooth filled or extracted. As we have become more aware of the importance of our teeth so the dental dynamic has changed. Having white straight teeth is becoming more and more sought after. Patients have learned that their teeth are more than a means to chew their food. Now you want to be able to produce a white smile demonstrating your straight teeth that you can send to your friends and family anywhere in the world. This dental team is proud of the smiles that they have produced with patients through teeth straightening, veneers and teeth whitening treatments. Even a lost tooth or teeth can be replaced with a permanent dental implant which looks just like your natural teeth.

More than just a dental surgery!

Their knowledge of anatomy provides them with the knowledge to cater to your facial aesthetic requirements as well as your teeth. You may feel the need to have some anti-wrinkle or dermal filler treatment. Why not receive your treatment from a trained clinician in their safe treatment rooms from your dental team with whom you already have a relationship?

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