Luscious Locks: The Ideal Hair Ritual for Beautiful Tresses

Often, your hair is the first noticeable part of your beauty. A flourishing mane adds to the allure of your natural features and increases your confidence. Picking the right hairstyle for your face’s shape and the perfect colour to complement your skin tone adds flair and personality to any look.

The National Hairdressers’ Federation in the UK states that hair and beauty salons generate almost 7.5 billion Euros for the UK economy yearly. With that amount of washing, texturing, colouring and styles, the data suggests that people pay a lot to have gorgeous-looking hair.  But some of the most luscious locks and shiniest strands all start out the same way: with a dollop of shampoo and conditioner. Even these hair care basics have luxury product options like hair masks and serums.

No matter what your hair challenges, once you’ve found the formula that works, developing a ritual for hair care keeps it healthy and beautiful.

The first step is to cleanse

Clean hair is important for both health and social reasons. Dirty and unkempt hair appears visually unappealing, becomes damaged and may develop a bad smell. Infrequent washing also leads to hair looking dull and lifeless.

Cleansing the hair is similar to washing the skin. Water removes visible dirt and debris, but it’s not enough to eliminate odour and oily deposits. With shampoo, you are able to rid yourself of impurities such as smoke and sweat effectively. It also removes excess oil called sebum that is produced by the body. While sebum keeps the hair moisturised, too much oil weighs down the strands making hair look limp and greasy.

Don’t forget to hydrate and treat your hair

Fluorishing hair

There are two basic reasons for dry hair. The first is that your scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oil for your hair’s needed moisture. This may be hereditary or due to ageing since the body’s rate of oil production slows down as we get older. Occasionally, over washing also prevents adequate amounts of sebum to develop. The second reason is the overuse of blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers. High temperatures strip hair of its natural oils, leading to dehydration.

Dehydrated hair will begin to feel dry and uncontrollable. In some cases, it becomes susceptible to damage. To prevent this, apply deep rinse-out conditioners formulated for dry and frizzy hair after shampooing. For extra moisture, alternate your regular conditioner every other wash with deeper hydration treatments like moisturising hair masks.

Protect your hair from damage

Frequent styling can cause hair damage. Using perms, chemical straighteners and hair dyes ruin the quality of your hair because they cause the hair strand to break, resulting in temporary hair thinning.

You don’t need to completely stop dyeing your hair or avoid other styling treatments to protect your tresses. Instead, super-rich serums protect and refine hair during styling and help repair any damage. There are also products enriched with nourishing oils and silk proteins specially designed to restore strands and fortify the hair. Additionally, strengthening the hair with conditioning treatments that have active ingredients like lemon extract and moringa seed will strengthen the hair shaft.

Many people go to great efforts to look beautiful and hair is the crowning glory. Gorgeous hair is an instant confidence boost, which is why protecting your locks from damage is an important part of any beauty routine. From the roots to the ends, nourishing your hair will make you look preened and polished, inside and out.

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