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Orthodontist Liverpool, the route to straighter, healthier teeth!

Having treatment to straighten your teeth is sometimes regarded as being a cosmetic procedure. It is of course much more than just a way to create a more photogenic smile.

An orthodontist Liverpool is a dentist who has undertaken additional studies which gives them the skills and knowledge to be able to diagnose, treat, and prevent irregular jaw and teeth conditions. Their expertise extends to the treatment of patients of all ages. The referral of children to an orthodontist Liverpool can facilitate an early diagnosis of a condition and treatment resulting in avoiding years of suffering from a malocclusion.


lower jaw with crooked teeth

If you find that your jaw aches after chewing or when you speak, or you find that you have a whistle when you try to pronounce certain words, then you could be in need of orthodontic treatment. When chewing, you may experience difficulty because your teeth do not meet properly due to an overbite. Having an overcrowded mouthful of teeth can be hereditary and may lead to having protruding teeth. Crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth can all be corrected with the appropriate treatment.

Avoiding tooth decay

An early diagnosis of misaligned teeth is preferable and parents are often encouraged to take their children to the dentist at a very young age. Apart from helping them to acclimatize to the dental surgery, it gives the dentist the opportunity to examine their mouths and identify any latent problem that may require treatment sooner or later. Teeth that are misaligned can be awkward to clean properly resulting in bacteria and a plaque build up. Regular six monthly dentist visits will help to decide when corrective treatment is required. Early treatment will allow the teeth to grow properly and avoid numerous dental appointments later.

Accurate and speedier treatment

Technology has helped dentistry to develop a number of effective dental misalignment correction appliances. Braces have been used for many years and were traditionally made of metal. The latest variety of dental braces are created from numerous materials including metal alloys, ceramics, and thermoplastic materials. You are able to decide on whether you want to have a clear or colourful brace or aligner. Many patients prefer to make their treatment as inconspicuous as possible while some of the younger generation want to accentuate their treatment with vibrant colour. The beauty of the twenty-first century is that as a patient you decide what you would like. Everything is done digitally and this provides more accurate and detailed information and allows for faster communication between us and the laboratory.

Fixed or removable

removable teeth aligner

As a progressive orthodontist Liverpool we provide a variety of dental appliances some are fixed to your teeth and others are removable. The advantage of the removable aligner is that it is clear and allows you to remove them when you eat and clean your teeth. They do however have to be worn for at least twenty two hours per day to be effective. For certain conditions it may be necessary to use both fixed and removable braces. We will guide you as to which is the best for your condition and you will make the final decision.

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