Top tips for good oral health from a dentist

If you’re wondering about ways to improve your oral health and maintain healthy teeth and gums, consider regular check-ups with your dentist St John’s Wood. Regular check-ups can help to identify any dental problems early on so that you can receive treatment before experiencing any major discomfort or pain. They can also assist with maintaining good oral health so that your teeth and gums can remain healthy and free of infection.

Preventive dentistry can help to save you both money and time

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Did you know that one of the main reasons you should consider visiting your local dental practitioner regularly each year is that it can help them to diagnose any dental problems? Your dentist is able to detect signs of tooth decay or gum disease and even oral cancer.

Should a patient be suffering from a gum infection and it is left untreated it can cause severe pain and discomfort as well as affect your general health and wellbeing. Other side-effects may include tooth loss, gum recession or even bone loss in some extreme cases. It may be recommended that you have root canal therapy or another form of treatment at your local dental practice as soon as possible to avoid having the condition worsen.

Visit a dental hygienist for improved oral health

Another great way to boost your oral health is by visiting a dental hygienist for a professional clean. Good oral hygiene is vital when looking to protect your teeth and gums and when patients have poor hygiene habits it may result in health issues.

During your treatment, the dental hygienist will first assess your teeth and gums before administering a professional clean to remove any plaque build-up. Removing plaque and tartar from the surface of a patient’s teeth helps to lower the risk of infection and tooth decay. It can also help to target stubborn stains that are not easily removed with general cleaning products such as toothpaste. The dental hygienist is also able to examine your mouth to look for any signs of oral cancer so that treatment can be offered as soon as possible.

Your local dentist can help to identify bad habits for improved oral health

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Visiting your local dental practice for a check-up can also assist with identifying any bad habits a patient may have that could negatively impact their teeth and gums. For example, those patients who are prone to grinding their teeth when asleep at night. Your dentist will be able to offer expert advice and guidance on ways to combat this problem and may offer a night guard to help protect your teeth from encountering any further damage.

By identifying and correcting these bad habits, your dentist can help to protect your teeth and gums from unnecessary damage and improve your oral health as a result.

Enjoy a radiant smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment

For those patients who feel embarrassed about stubborn stains or discolouration on their teeth, there is the option of having a professional teeth whitening treatment. The procedure requires minimal downtime and can be performed on-site in a treatment room. The results are instant and can help to dramatically whiten your teeth and remove any stains for a healthy, brighter smile.

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