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Reasons to Have Good Dental Hygiene

Good dental hygiene is hard to maintain, but it’s essential to have these good habits. Not only is it good for your health, but having good teeth prevents a ton of minor problems. Things such as cavities, bleeding gums, and chipped teeth are all nuisances that are hard to ignore. They can cause a great deal of pain and are a massive inconvenience in your daily life.

Still, there’s no need to get worried if you’re suffering from them. Everyone gets teeth problem eventually. Studies show that more than 90% of US adults have had at least one cavity in their life. Learn when to seek help when your teeth are suffering. If emergency dental treatment in South Jordan is needed, there are a ton of good dentists available.

It’s all about knowing when you should call one.


The most significant warning sign you have on when you should see a dentist is when you encounter pain in your teeth or jaw. Any inconvenience you suffer might be signs of a developing problem. This is especially true when there is difficulty in drinking or chewing. Big changes in temperature and pressure can be painful to afflicted teeth. Bleeding gums and bad breath are also big warning signs that your dental health needs to change. Bad teeth can cause bad breath, and bleeding gums are a sign of your gums being unhealthy.

If you encounter these problems, schedule an appointment with a dentist immediately.  It’s not good to wait, as delays can exacerbate problems.

In particular, smokers and diabetics should be wary and schedule regular check-ups. People with a sweet tooth and those who consume large amounts of sugar should also be careful.  Dental problems tend to afflict people in these groups more often than in others.


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With dental problems, prevention is the best defense you have. The pain in your teeth won’t go away with time, and fixing it can be both costly and painful. Thankfully, having good hygiene goes a long way in preventing this. Even something as simple as brushing twice a day gives your teeth a lot of protection from cavities. It’s ideal to brush your teeth after every meal, but once in the morning and once before bed is already enough. Two to three minutes, twice a day, promotes healthy teeth.

It’s also good to fall into a habit of flossing. Food particles tend to stick between your teeth and builds up with time. These can eventually wear down your teeth if you’re not careful. Flossing takes care of this problem quickly.

Avoiding sugary meals can also help a great deal. Soda, chocolates, and sugary foods can cause cavities. Particularly hard food or candy can also chip your teeth. Avoid them if you can.

Don’t forget to schedule regular appointments with your dentist. Visiting every few months will help keep your teeth clean, and allow you to spot growing problems before develop further. Don’t be stubborn. Visit your dentist when you can.

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