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Thinking of a Glow-up This 2021? Here’s What You Can Do

New Year, New Me!

Indeed, the days leading to New Year’s Eve is truly a period of epiphanies and resolution-thinking to have something to look forward to—especially when you want to make drastic yet gradual changes to your appearance. Yes, everyone is truly beautiful in their own way, but having a magnificent glow up just makes you feel a thousand times more enthralling.

However, a glow up is not just about improving your physical appearance, but rather, it is something that you need to also embody emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Having a makeover is not just great transforming yourself into an eye candy, but it also could lessen the toll on your mental health because making yourself more presentable and more productive allows you to have enough determination to take control of yourself. Now is definitely the time to throw your depression ‘fits right away, pick yourself up, put that lipstick on—and keep your chin up high as you face the new year ahead!

Now the question is: how?

Master your emotions

If you want to glow for the better, then you should definitely start the change within you. Taking full control of your own emotions is such a power move, and doing so makes you feel infallible and unstoppable. Controlling your emotions means you also have full control of your life. Remember: own yourself. You deserve not to be taken advantage of!

Take time to meditate

Stress is inevitable. We know. But that does not mean that you should never cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to relax by meditating. Do yoga exercises, read a book, go away on a mini-vacation—find the perfect way for you to soothe yourself. There are plenty of ways to meditate, make sure to do something that is suitable for you!

Skin care is health care

Do not ever be too greedy of putting essential products for your skin. Make an effort daily or weekly rejuvenating your skin back to its youthful grace! Start assembling the skin care routine that is suitable for your skin type. Be patient, and your utmost care and investments for this step will surely be worth it in no time.

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Upgrade your wardrobe

Throw away those old tops and bottoms that you think you have already outgrown. Let go of your old ones and upgrade your wardrobe staples with pieces that you think will definitely help make you feel good and happy. The way you dress yourself usually parallels what you feel internally, may it be intentional or not. Go to your favorite shopping malls and do not be afraid to go bolder with your style!

Beautify your smile

A smile is indeed the best thing a woman can wear, so make sure that your pearly whites are captivating enough to be seen! Schedule for a dental cleaning appointment, get braces to fix your crooked smile, or invest for a cosmetic bonding.

Stay hydrated

This one’s a classic and one that you should definitely never overlook! Drinking water is such an underrated self-care step, which is a big no-no when you want to improve yourself. Water would definitely amplify your skin’s status, elevate your mood, and help with your digestion. There is literally no setback when you hydrate yourself, so go on buy a cute water container and treat yourself to your own water therapy!

Overall, taking decent care of yourself is the bottom-line of your journey to glowing up. Boosting your appearance is a hundred times much better when you know you are also initiating change within yourself as a whole. Let go of the weight of the world you’ve been carrying on your shoulders, and enjoy the path towards a healthier, prettier, and a better you!

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