Treat Pain with the Help of Compounding Pharmacies

Millions of people suffer from constant pain every day. This usually stems from a variety of reasons. They usually resort to painkillers, but some people don’t respond well to over-the-counter medications.

This is where a compounding pharmacy in Oakville and nearby areas can help.

Compounding pharmacies do something that normal pharmacies cannot: mix-and-match medications. They essentially create a personalized medication for a customer. They calibrate the dosage and mix medicines with one another. These prescriptions come directly from a doctor and are usually personalized to every patient.

Here are some of the painful conditions that compounded medications can take away:

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain comes from a variety of sources. Bad car accidents, for example, can leave a lasting legacy of pain on someone. Accidents and genetic conditions can result in similar long-lasting pain. Most of them resort to using Oxycontin in large doses. However, using too much of it can result in a wide variety of side effects that include liver damage and even depression.

For those who don’t want to live with excessive use of oral medications, compounding pharmacies can help them by formulating specific pain medications that are directly injected into their spine. Compound pharmacies usually look to 15 or so drugs that can be combined to create their customers’ particular medication. In addition, these medications can be personalized depending on the patients’ needs and even the seasons.

However, it does take a bit of trial-and-error. Doctors, patients, and pharmacists often need to work together to determine the right level of formulation for the pain medication to be truly effective.


Neck pain

Another form of constant pain that compounding pharmacies can help with is migraines. The main advantage that compounding pharmacies provide is that they are more cost-effective than most common migraine medications. In addition, there is less worry about experiencing side effects.

Compounding pharmacies have several choices for treating migraines. The most common one uses over-the-counter medication. It uses ketoprofen, riboflavin, and caffeine citrate. This is mixed up all into a capsule to provide quick relief from migraines. Two capsules should relieve the pain.

For more personalized treatments, there are lidocaine nasal solutions that need to be applied to your sinuses to help relieve the migraine. Another option is a mix of ergotamine and caffeine capsules. Depending on the mix, the dosage can be tailored to the patient’s needs.

Menopausal Pain

As women get older, menopause is looming over them. One of the side effects of menopause is cramps and muscular pain. It doesn’t help that hot flashes and mood swings also affect you during this time. The usual way to treat menopausal symptoms is to take the hormones that your body is producing less of.

There are generally over-the-counter solutions available for this. However, wouldn’t it be better to get the exact hormones you need? This is exactly what compounding pharmacies can do. With the right testing, personalized medication can be created for you. You’ll also be given a choice of how the hormones will be applied, either orally, by a patch, or injected.

Compounding pharmacies are a big help in ensuring that those suffering from pain are able to find some relief. Depending on the source of pain, they can mix up a medication that will make the pain go away.

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