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What Most People Don’t Tell You About Ear Pinning

Most kids often get bullied because of the way they look. And it’s hard to look away especially if it’s your child. Even if it’s an excessively large pair of ears or an awkward looking nose, getting surgery is the best way to solve your child’s problem. Ear pinning surgery in Utah is a medical procedure that improves the position of the patient’s ear and its overall look. However, the procedure alters more than the patient’s physique. Here are a few of its benefits that can help your child to live normally.

It corrects structural problems

Otoplasty, or commonly known as ear pinning, is a cosmetic procedure that addresses oversize ears. During the procedure, the doctor removes all the excess skin and cartilage in your ears. Then helps reshape the ears and pin them back. It’s also an excellent treatment to address folded, small, cupped, or unusually large pair of ears.

It’ completely safe

Most people say that ear surgery is one of the safest operations amongst other medical procedures. However, it’s still best to have your child undergo anesthesia before starting the entire treatment. Although it’s considered safe, it’s best to think of your child’s safety all the time.

Helps build confidence

Kids running in the parkMost children often get teased because of how they look, especially if they have excessively large ears. Otoplasty can help these patients to achieve a standard looking pair of ears easily. Better Health says that patients choose to get an operation for psychological reasons or reduce chances of bullying.

Helps patients feel normal

Most patients often have the desire to feel accepted by everyone around them. By undergoing the procedure, patients can feel a better sense of normalcy. For most people, undergoing the procedure can help them renew the way they see life. They will also feel emotional relief and a renewed sense of positivity that helps them feel more comfortable with themselves.

How does the procedure work?

The entire procedure commonly takes at least one to three hours to complete. Your doctor may advise you to get a local anesthetic and sedation, but some patients prefer to undergo a general anesthetic. Generally speaking, the surgeon cuts the fold behind the skin to expose the patient’s underlying cartilage.

Then, the surgeon removes the excess cartilage and closes the incisions with stitches. However, there are some cases where he reshapes the cartilage by folding it back and the stitching it in its proper position. After the surgery, the patient may feel nausea, and mild pain or discomfort.

He should also expect a few bandages and dressings as well as bruising and swelling in the area. The patient may also experience numbness around the ears.

There are times when the only way to regain your child’s confidence is to undergo surgery to reposition a certain part of their body. Although it may appear shallow to some, a simple procedure such as otoplasty can change a person’s life. You may also want to speak with your child’s counselor or psychologist to help your child overcome his concerns about his look.

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