Why it is important to choose a reputable skin clinic

The skin is a dynamic organ and as such requires expert care and attention with the use of salon-approved quality products and aesthetically enhancing treatments at a professional skin clinic in London. Skin conditions vary from individual patient to patient with different people needing to address flaky skin, saggy skin, dry skin, pigmentation and breakouts. Only a well-trained aesthetic practitioner is best placed to identify a diversity of problems and suggest appropriate treatments to help solve them.

Patient safety continues to remain in the spotlight, with concerns raised by the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons and other bodies on what effects unregulated non-invasive cosmetic services can have on patients – opening them up to infections and other complications. The sharp surge in demand in facial injectable procedures has been answered by the popping up of practitioners offering to carry out treatments at irresistibly low prices. Where the concern lies is with the youth – the age group who seem most eager for the procedure, according to a consumer survey that looked at the web traffic to pages offering lip enhancement and other procedures. A massive 42 per cent alone of web interest was from 18 to 24 year olds, an age group one does not usually associate with taking action to prevent the signs of ageing. However due to the prevalence of reality shows and the need to document every waking moment with selfies, more and more focus is being placed on creating the perfect blemish-free look.

How to look for an ethical skin care practitioner


It is always a good choice to want to treat your skin to nourishing procedures, but it is equally important to first make sure you choose a reputable and registered provider. Even simple procedures that do not seem complex to carry out need to be performed with a certain level of skill and experience and the use of quality approved products. One way that ticks all these relevant boxes is looking for the right credentials and skill set at the clinic.

Choose a skin care clinic with a diverse service menu

It is more likely that larger aesthetic clinics, offering a wide selection of body-enhancing treatments and procedures from facials to fat reduction treatments, is a registered clinic and manned by professionally-trained personnel. The added benefit is that the patient can build a comprehensive patient history with the practitioners there by having all their aesthetic care carried out in one place.

Look for experience and training

Ask anyone looking to have a beauty procedure and the first thing they expect is to have satisfactory results. A safe and pleasant treatment experience that produces quality results can only come from experience and training, so these factors are mandatory.

Look for relevant certification

Certification from authority bodies provides peace of mind that the practitioner has the skill and knowledge to carry out a procedure that involves injecting a patient in sensitive areas in the body.

For a wide range of non-invasive accredited procedures that rejuvenate the skin and body carried out by industry-qualified professional practitioners, contact your nearest reputable clinic.

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