Brief guide to dental makeovers

Many people have heard of a makeover relating to a spa or hairdresser. You go in, have your makeup done, have your hair styled and you may even have your wardrobe redesigned with some new clothes. Great!  But were you aware that you can also have a smile makeover Bondi Junction?

A dental makeover is considered one of the ultimate ways to improve a smile that has many aesthetic issues and just like you it is completely unique, tailored to your needs and requirements. In the following article, the basic areas of a dental makeover will be spoken about so you can assess if it is the right treatment for you.

What is a dental makeover?

As briefly mentioned earlier, a dental makeover is a collection of cosmetic dental procedures designed to enhance your smile. The procedures used to makeover your smile are unique to your needs and will be discussed at your initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist.

The procedures used also depend on the results you wish to achieve through your makeover and of course feasibility; If you have a thin jawbone, it is unlikely that dental implants would be a feasible part of a dental makeover and you may be offered a bridge or denture for example.


  • Whitening

Dental whitening is a common part of most dental makeovers. The type of dental whitening used by your cosmetic dentist will depend on the level of staining, the depth of the staining and if you have sensitive teeth. You may be required to top up the whitening at home with a weaker version of the gel used in the surgery.

  • Implants

Briefly mentioned before, dental implants have become a very popular addition to dental makeovers. The most commonly used implants in dental surgery, endosteal implants, do require you to have a thick and healthy jawbone and not have any underlying dental health issues, or other conditions such as untreated diabetes or serious osteoporosis. Implants are used to close gaps in a smile and restore functionality to the mouth; the prosthetic teeth attached to the implants can be any shade of white you desire that makes your smile look healthier.  The surgery surrounding oral implants may seem invasive, however, with correct aftercare dental implants can easily last for over 15 years.

  • Veneers

Also called dental laminates, veneers are a thin layer that is usually made from porcelain and is attached to the front of the tooth. These can be used to whiten your smile, close gaps and conceal cracks or chips in the tooth while also having the advantage of the fitting being comfortable and quick.


These are just some of the options for a dental makeover and depending on the issues being treated you may also need to undergo a treatment with a brace or aligner. As such, the cost of your dental makeover will vary and it is important to get quotes before committing to a dental team that may not be able to offer you the best price for the procedure.


Dental makeovers generally last as long as the longest procedure lasts. For instance, if your makeover included dental implants, you can expect the makeover to last at least 15 or more years with correct aftercare. Whitening, however, will need to be maintained more regularly..


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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