In the Pink of Health? What the Color of Your Pregnancy Discharge Means

The body changes a lot when you are pregnant. More often than not, you wonder whether you should take yourself to the hospital or should just convince yourself to calm down because you have a bad habit of overthinking things.

A case in point is your vaginal discharge. During pregnancy, these bodily fluids vary from time to time. Understanding it better could give you peace of mind, so you will know when it is normal and when it should be time to visit your OB-GYN for a checkup.

Understanding Vaginal Discharge

Also known as leukorrhea, vaginal discharge is a clear, thin, and mild smelling fluid that cleans and moistens the vagina. To give you a good example, it looks like egg white or a mix of milk and egg white. It is normal to have more discharge when you are breastfeeding, ovulating, sexually aroused, or in the early stages of pregnancy.

Vaginal discharge varies in amount, color, and consistency, so it is not usually a cause for alarm. However, when it suddenly changes and is different from usual, along with an itching or burning sensation, then it might be a sign of infection.

The Colors of Your Discharge

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Now, the big question of moms-to-be is, “What’s considered as normal and what’s not?” To soothe those anxieties, here is what the color of your discharge means during pregnancy:

  • White or Off-white

Often an odorless discharge, this results from different factors, including high estrogen levels in the body and increased blood flow to the vagina. It also happens when the cervix produces more mucus to protect your growing baby.

There is nothing to worry about a white discharge, as it is completely normal. Almost all pregnant women experience this, but yes, it can get annoying and uncomfortable. To solve that, you can use a napkin or a panty liner to ease your condition.

  • Clear or Light yellow

Usually, this is due to urinary incontinence or the involuntary release of urine. This is normal for pregnant women, especially at the last trimester where the weight of the baby presses against the bladder. However, note that this color of discharge might also be amniotic fluid. It is a bit difficult to tell which is which, so it is best to call your OB-GYN. West Jordan experts often run a few tests to know where the leak comes from.

  • Yellow or Green

You should go to your doctor as soon as possible when you see this type of discharge. It often comes with a strong, bad smell, as well as itching and burning. This signals a vaginal infection. A patient may have bacterial vaginosis or the overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina and experience vaginal inflammation.

Another type of vaginal infection that could cause a yellow or green discharge is trichomoniasis, which is a sexually transmitted disease. Call your OB-GYN as soon as possible when you see this fluid color.

The color of your pregnancy discharge says a lot about your health. Keep an eye on it and know what’s normal and what’s not.

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