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How do clear braces work?

Clear braces have become increasingly popular in recent years.  This is because they are discreet, efficacious, comfortable and treatment times are usually relatively fast when compared to other forms of orthodontic treatment.  This is a guide for anyone who is considering straight teeth at home London, exploring how it works and what life is like during treatment.

What are clear braces?

Clear or invisible braces, as they are also known, are the modern alternative to braces that are permanent fixtures, and which feature wires and brackets.  They take the form of sets of trays known as aligners that are worn over the teeth a bit like a retainer.

How is treatment begun?

The first step to getting straight teeth is having the smile assessed.  This helps the professionals to advise if the patient is a suitable candidate for invisible braces.  There are two options for this process.  Firstly, the patient can visit a dentist or orthodontist in person for a physical examination in the surgery.  The second option is to take photos of the teeth and upload them online for assessment.

If it is decided that the patient is likely to respond well to treatment with Invisalign, then there are two possible ways of getting started.  The first is that the dentist uses a mould to take physical impressions of the teeth.  The second, and more straightforward, choice is getting a special scan that digitally records the size, shape and position of each of the teeth.

Why are these records of the teeth needed?

Clear braces are tailor-made for each patient.  These records are used to ensure that the aligners fit perfectly.  This customisation means that the braces can be highly efficient at treating the individual misalignment issues of the patient.  It also means that they are extremely comfortable to wear.

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How do these braces straighten the teeth?

Invisible braces work by applying gentle degrees of pressure to the teeth to help them to move into a more uniform position, giving the straight look that is desired.  The aligners are changed every couple of weeks as the teeth move to allow that progress to continue until the treatment is complete.

Are they permanent?

Unlike other types of orthodontic treatment, these braces are not a permanent fixture in the mouth.  The trays can be removed whenever necessary.  It is advised that the patient takes them out for eating.  This means that there are no restrictions regarding the diet whilst wearing these braces, which is a benefit that appeals to many patients.

Because the aligners are removable, it can be tempting to take them out more frequently than recommended.  However, if the patient wishes to get the best possible results, then they should wear the braces most of the time.  This requires a little self-discipline, especially when starting treatment.

However, most patients quickly get used to wearing their aligners for the majority of each 24-hour time period.  This is made easier by the fact that they are almost completely invisible, so there need to be no concerns about others noticing the braces.

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