Boy brushing his teeth

How Poor Oral Health Affects Your Child’s Development / How Poor Oral Health Affects Your Child’s Ability To Learn

Boy brushing his teeth

Oral hygiene is a must to ensure that our teeth will last. However, proper oral hygiene affects more than our oral health. Daily Trust says that children who suffer from poor oral health find it twice as hard to socialize with others.  Pepsodent  says that oral health has a hidden impact on children’s lives. Those who suffer from poor oral health tends to be absent due to oral pain. They’re also less likely to smile and enjoy being in the company of others. Even more, they’re also less likely to participate in class because of their poor oral health condition.   Effects of oral health on children   Low self-esteem   Any problems with a child’s mouth and teeth don’t just cause them pain. It also hurts their self-esteem. Confidence is crucial to the healthy development of children. Having a sparse set of teeth can make them feel embarrassed to speak up in class. They’ll also feel less enthusiastic about going to school.   Lack of desire to socialize   A child who suffers from low self-esteem is also likely to avoid smiling and communicating with others. Even making new friends can pose as a challenge for them. Most children who suffer from poor oral health are afraid of talking and is afraid to make fun at whenever they’re in school. Some would even rather play by themselves rather than play outside.   Poor performance at school   These problems tend to echo across their performance at school. Even more, it also distracts their learning. Thus, affecting their ability to learn in the long run. Pain makes it difficult for them to focus in class which may cause them to get behind from everybody else.   What you can do as parents,  Kids Health, says that proper dental hygiene starts even before their first tooth appears. So even before your baby starts teething, you can gently run a clean, damp washcloth over their gums to help remove any harmful bacteria.   As soon as he’s able to brush his teeth, you can teach him how to do it on his own properly. Teach your child to brush at least twice a day using their toothbrush with fluoride toothpaste. You should also ensure that he flosses his teeth regularly to get rid of any trapped food debris inside.   Children have an innate craving for sweet and sugary foods and drinks. Although it’s quite tasty, it’s best to limit their consumption of any sugary foods or beverages. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar can erode their tooth’s enamel, which can cause cavities to form. If your kids had any of sugary meals or drinks, let them rinse their mouth or brush their teeth after eating it. Doing so will help wash away the sugar from their mouth.   Protecting your child’s teeth not only helps maintain their oral health. It also helps provide them with the confidence that they need. Ensure to visit a children’s dentist in Herriman regularly to monitor your child’s teeth. Doing so will prevent any probably bacterial growth or cavity formation.


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